So now that we finally hit the 80s in temperature, my mind is on summer mode. I hope that we are able to entertain quite a lot this summer. The kids are in camps throughout the upcoming months, but we only have one small vacation planned this year, which means more time at home. Summer themed drinks are on my mind.

Not much of a drinker but these are adorable & do look tasty. alcoholic blueberry lemonade cocktails
Lemonade cocktails. These are great because if you do not want to add alcohol, they are still refreshing and delicious.
Pink Moscato Strawberry Lemonade
This one is going to be my first one to try and make. I like that it is group servings. Easy for the hostess.
Great summer drinks that a #retromiami girl would love - Pink Lemonade Margharita!
A pink lemonade margharita.
Protein packed Blackberry Smoothie with @Chobani Greek yogurt #fitfluential
A blackberry smoothie.
Is there a go-to drink you make for the warmer temps?


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