The Lost Blog



Are you still there? I know I have been basically missing for months. Honestly, I just lived my life instead of writing about it. The summer is one thing after another, and there is literally no time to write. I love the summer. It is my most favorite time of the year where we live and I relish being with my kids and doing what we do.

I have to also say that I kind of lost my way with the old blogging thing- reading and writing of them. I guess maybe it is my head that is still in a different era, but I cannot stand the selfie thing. Sure, I have snapped some of myself, specifically after I get my hair done. Possible new profile picture,etc. But very very rarely do I post. My instagram feed is not filled with those at all. I guess I had reached my limit of the eternal feed of selfies that I see when I scroll through the news feeds etc, and I just lost interest. Are we coming to this? The tireless promotion of products that were given for free so that everyone can make a buck? I get that we all need to make money to survive, but it is just so yuck.



I know I post on here about clothes, inspiration shots of interiors and even my own new build, that are not meaningful thought-provoking thoughts. Believe me, I am an over thinker, ponderer, and examiner in my mind, but do I really want that out there forever in the stratosphere, my words hanging in air for eternity, even after I am long gone? I used to read at least 30-40 blogs daily and as of the last year it dwindled to about 4 a day. The ones that stuck with me had a great mixture of personal thoughts, self-promotion, humor, information and not one selfie in sight. So as I re-emerge to blogging, with one foot in, I think I am going to try to go that route and see how it feels. I plan to stick it through until December and see if it feels therapeutic, creative and fun.

All I can say is we are all trying our best. And whatever way or however that makes us feel like we are doing alright for ourself, than I say go for it. As you do…….


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