New Show Obsession

Have you seen the new show on HGTV called Fixer Upper? It has been on for one season and I am absolutely obsessed. I do not know what it is about the show that had me from the first episode. Maybe it is the realness of the married couple, the notion that a tired often almost condemned home can be saved and be beautiful, the idea that a busy family with multiple businesses can still have faith in God and life in general. I think it’s everything actually.

This house was basically a tear down and what they did with it was amazing. Even though it was a gut job, the end result was so true to the period of the home both inside and out. The interior paint choices were soft and helped show the massive ceiling height. I would have moved in there in a second.

This is the kitchen of Joanna and Chip’s farmhouse. She has such a wonderful choice of muted color tones in her textures, fabrics and paint. I love how she always has an industrial element throughout the home. From wired storage boxes, steel chairs, metal bookcases to the warmth of linen slipcovers on couches and pillows. She has great style.

I think it’s the idea that she styles and lives for the family she has. She maintains her own style preferences but makes it livable and comfortable for an active family with children and pets.

Check out their website She has her own store as well both online and in Texas.


3 thoughts on “New Show Obsession

  1. Love Chip and Joanna!! My daughters and I are addicted to Fixer Upper, especially now since we are embarking on our own! Amy, love your blog and all the inspiration it offers!!

  2. One of my most favorite shows too. Like you say, it’s wonderful to see a real family on TV. I made it to their store in Waco…and got a funky/fun light fixture. I can’t wait to hang it in our new house.

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