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The lower level of our home is a space that we hope to live in more during the cold winter months. It is definitely cozy down there and sometimes I sit down there and hide. But, I am always found rather quickly.


This is what the space looked like after we moved in and put the floors down. The floors are actually tile designed to look like wood planks.


This is the far wall that leads you out to the lower level patio and the other wall that has the fireplace and tv room area.


The fireplace is still not covered in stone. That might be a winter weekend project or early fall. We have plenty of stones left over from the walls that we saved. The floors have radiant heating and are so toasty when the cold temperatures hit.


This is what the area looked like after the floors were finished and cleaned. I do not think I have many shots of that area since that time was a blur. The walls are painted BM Gray Owl. I was a bit concerned that it would look too dark in the area, but a flood of sunlight comes through the windows for the first half of the day.

When I moved in, I decided to not put anything on the walls for the first 6 months. I really wanted to live in the space and see what, if anything, I would put on them. I put a mirror or two up, but that was it. I had the same approach with the lower level. Only a few weeks ago did I decide what the space needed. The far wall alongside the garage area was massive. I decided that a wall of photo ledges was what it needed. I debated three large scale frames for a bit, but the photo ledges won out and all the frames in 6 storage boxes could be emptied out too.


We went to Home Depot and bought two 12 foot long poplar pieces. After sanding them down and putting an edge band on them, they were painted white. I previously bought shelving from IKEA for a previous project, but wanted the shelves to be not too wide, so custom was the route to go.


After one shelf was up, I knew immediately that the wall would need three shelves instead of two.  Live and learn, and another lesson in listening to my instinct.


So the wall sat like this for a few days before the last shelf was made and photos put up. I liked the idea of layering the ledges, and it wasn’t a difficult thing to do since I had hundreds of frames in storage.


I really like how it encompasses the entire wall. The kids love to look at the photographs and I can change them out throughout the year.


4 thoughts on “Take a Picture

  1. Hi Amy. The basement looks great. We are actually in the process of redoing our basement and have picked out “wood” tile for ours as well. My husband is getting ready to put them down next week. Do you know what size spacer you used in between the tiles? Hope you and your kids are doing well.

    • Hi Wendy!
      That is wonderful about your home project. I cannot recall what the exact size was for the spacing, but it was the least amount of space I could do. I wanted it to look as close to wood planks. Hope you and the family are enjoying the beautiful autumn season.

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