Wonders of the World



This was one amazingly breathtaking sunset a few days ago. I was taking a walk with Sadie and I could not believe how magical it was. The reflection of the sky on fire on the peaceful water. One thing I do not take for granted is where I live. I make it a point to treasure the opportunity I have to be right by the water. The sunsets are literally right outside our home and they are a gift to see.

I always get a bit sad in October knowing the colder weather is on its way. The greyness is in the air, along with the bare trees and biting temperatures. I remember feeling like this as a kid too, but I didn’t know what I was feeling or why. The less hours of sunlight each day is something I dread. But, there will still be sunsets on fire and small wonders that I will look for to brighten my outlook. Amazing how all these wonders are free for anyone who is open to seeing what is truly right in front of them.


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