Library Lessons



The local library has such wonderful events and classes for local children. I have been taking my kids there for years, starting with the amazing summer reading program. Throughout the year though, the library offers Saturday events for children and weekly classes. Every week, Miss F and I go to one class on Wednesday. This early literacy program includes, singing,fine motor skill development, reading books and making crafts. Every week centers around a theme and she loves it.

If our week days are not as jam packed, we stop by to play with the puzzles or say hi to the librarian who Miss F adores. A few weeks ago, she read pirate stories and made a pirate hat.


We also read books on colors and how sunflowers grow. She made her own sunflower and showed everyone in town after we left the library.


She learned that when you pick colors together you create new colors. This was awesome because my home remained clean for this activity!


And on another day, her Poppy joined us for a walk to the library to play with the puzzles and then a stop at the park afterwards.

I cherish all these moments with her. They are very special to me.


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