Cooking in the Kitchen

So I am making good on my word, and I have been cooking up a storm. I make three meals and enough so that we have left overs for the next day’s dinner and lunch. This is me stepping out of my comfort zone, but the meals I have chosen to try are usually in one pan or pot and I think making it simple has made me less overwhelmed. is my go-to site. Here are a few meals that I have made that have been a hit.

I made this pork tenderloin with mushrooms last week. It was delicious and incredibly easy. The girls loved it.

This meatless lasagna soup from was a slow cooker recipe. I could have skipped the slow cooker and just done it on the stove, but the meal lasted a few days and will definitely be made again.

Next up are these zucchini sandwiches. These are on the menu for Monday.

Have you found any simple recipes that you would like to share?


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