Add Ons

I am on a serious spending freeze. Christmas was the first time I actually bought for anyone or me in months. So we are back to saving and making dream lists.

Butler's Pantry


There is a wall in the pantry that is begging for something to be on it. I have mentioned that I purposely didn’t put anything on the walls in the new build for almost 9 months. I wanted to live in the space and see what it was calling for. Plus, I am really not that big on wall decor for my own personal spaces. It is such a personal choice, and some of my favorite interior spaces have a lot of wall decor bling, but I am usually drawn to minimal.

The gallery wall shelves in the lower level has been such a great addition to the space. Nothing is permanent and I can change the frames or images whenever I want. I could also add books and small sculptures too, depending on what visual images I was craving. The possibilities are endless and my ever fear of interior commitment is solidified. It is a perfect compromise.

But back to the pantry wall, I am thinking a chalkboard and maybe some type of wire baskets. There is a great vintage store down the road from my home, and I am thinking I might stop in to find an old picture frame or window frame. I could repurpose the frame and build a chalkboard and use the frame with it. Miss P would work on it with me.

Here are some things that caught my eye for this space.

world market

world market

world market

world market

magnolia homes

magnolia homes

magnolia homes

magnolia homes

I will keep you posted on what the overall decision will be. Like I said, we have nothing but time!


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