The Office

I haven’t had a dedicated office space in years. Our first home we built, I had my office in a designated room and I used it everyday. I was teaching then, so I was on my computer, making poster boards, you name it. When we built our second home, I also had a designated room for my office. I used that space as well. But once the kids came, playrooms were needed to keep the toys in one central location and rooms were needed for bedrooms. So my office became boxes stuffed in a hallway closet. It was a mess, and for a very organized person, it wasn’t ideal. If my living space is messy, my mind literally cannot function.

So when we decided to move and build again, I knew I need something somewhere in the new space to be a central zone for me. It didn’t need to be massive or even elaborate. The mudroom area has several areas to it. It has the butler’s pantry, the half bath, the guest closet and my desk. When we were in the initial stages of drawing the home, my dad sat down with me and drew up the area as I had it pictured in my mind. He was great at hearing what I was saying and drawing it to the exact measurements that would make everything fit. It was central to the kitchen so he made everything fit and seamless.


This was taken almost one year ago, when we were in the final stretch. The mudroom area is in the far distance in this picture. My soon to be desk area would be under that far window. Because you could see that area from the main living space, I used a wallpaper that would compliment the overall white look of the interior home but the same time add some dimension to the area.


This was before wallpaper. I ended up going with a grey grasscloth. My heart was set on a different pattern, but I was afraid that the pattern would be too trendy, even thought it was a paisley, and I would be kicking myself a few years down the line. The lighting fixture is similar to the one in Miss P’s room which is directly over the mudroom. When you are outside you can see both lights and because they are similar visually, even thought they aren’t exactly the same, it adds some symmetry.


This was taken a day before we moved in. The desk surface is actuality the same quartzite I used in the kitchen. When I had desks, I never used the drawers, so I decided to go this route. As you can see, when they put it in, the height was for a counter stool, not a chair, so we adjusted the height and lowered it. The chair was from my dining room in the other home. I had it reupholstered and I love it.


And here is how it looks now. I use that area every single day. I have file boxes that I keep in the closet right next to the desk that holds all my paperwork. It is out of the way and literally holds everything I need, which makes me only save the necessary things.


Vintage glasses hold my pens and pencils. Pottery my kids made hold paper clips and other things. It works out perfectly.


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