Moroccan Tile

I love looking at tile. When we were in the process of deciding what tiles we would use in this new home, I really wanted to incorporate some moroccan tile in one of the baths. I was leaning towards the master. I thought the design would be a punch of visual interest in my all white home. But my mind kept going to resale, and would a potential buyer get it. Probably not. Where we live is very conservative in interior style, almost historical, which I do not fit into that mold at all. So I went with a lot of quartzite and all marble. Can’t go wrong with that.

But these tiles were on my initial list. The first three looks were top contenders for the master bath. I just love the patterns and visual interest it creates. I even found all the suppliers. There were subtle differences in the ones that I found from these, but they were very close.




 Do you have moroccan tile in your home?


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