Gallery Wall Streamlined

I have written before about the gallery wall we made over the summer in the lower level. It was an easy project that the Mr. worked on for me. It allowed me to not commit to any specific thing on the ledges and I could adjust and move things around as I liked.


I originally had the frames layered, but the inner minimalist in me was never really settled with the look. It was busy, which I think works if a majority of the frames are lighter. The heavier black trimmed frames just looked too off for the space. I waited patiently for Michaels to have its sale and I used three coupons each time I visited over a three month span. Each visit I saved over $40 on my frames. It was a steal. If you frequent Michaels, look up its coupons.



This next set was when I replaced about 12 black frames and had a less layered look. I was liking it better, but the look I wanted wasn’t what was up there. It was just too busy and it still bothered me.



And now this is how it looks. Off to Michaels I went and bought 10 more frames. With a huge sale and a 40% coupons, plus an additional 20% off entire purchase, I spent less then $45.00 on ten frames. It was insane. I only have 4 black frames now, 2 in the middle on the top shelf and one on each side on the second shelf. The placement helps bring the eye to the center and out. Who knows how long they will stay there. I am still unsure if I am going to keep the remaining four or switch them out. Either way, I really like the way it looks. It is minimal and not crazy busy, which is what I wanted in the first place.


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