Antelope Canyon

If I had my pick between camping or going into the city, I would pick going into the city in a second. But after much thought, I think I am doing my children a disservice. I started to keep a file on all the places I want to take them that does not involve New York when were have free time. Camping in our backyard or the local beaches this summer is number one on our list. But I am also thinking in broader terms as well.


Antelope Canyon in Arizona is going to be our first destination. Next year we are traveling twice because of Irish Dance competitions In Orlando and possibly Europe. But if the Europe one doesn’t pan out, I am thinking Antelope Canyon will be on the agenda. Miss F will be 5 then and I think she will be able to navigate the terrain.



I have already started to look into trips out there and what organized company we would use to go through the canyon. I think Lower Canyon will be our choice. The pictures clearly do not do the reality justice, but can you imagine what the visual and emotional impact seeing it in reality will be!

Have you gone and what do you suggest?


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