I am starting to think that I am brave enough to try to take care of a fiddle leaf tree.

I know they are extremely fussy, so they will fit right in with my tribe,

but I fear it might be over my head.

Any suggestions to keep them around for an extended life span?


Target does it again

I have been looking for a side table by my Ikat chair for over a year. I had so many in mind, but they were outrageously priced. I refuse to pay big bucks for a side table that would only hold a small vase or a book. So of course I looked at Target for something that fit the boxes and was less than a car payment or a trip to the dentist.


This little number checked off all the boxes and I love the brass accents that tie in with other brass accents in the room.  I spent less that $40 on it with a coupon. Plus I used a gift card to boot, so I left with not taking my wallet out for cash. I was a happy shopper.

She fits in so sweetly. I shall call her Zoe.

Lonely Wall

The master bath has a wall that needs something on it. It is the first thing you see when you walk in and it is screaming for something.


I have no idea why this picture looks blue, but my walls are all white. Who knows……anyway, the wall needs something. I am thinking either a large frame with art work or photography or maybe even a ladder that I can hang some turkish towels on.

magnolia homes

This medal ladder has a great price point but won’t ship for 4-6 weeks. Plus, I am thinking I want a more rustic wood one. I am kicking myself because the vintage store in my town had one that was 5 feet tall a month or so ago. It was $5. Crazy. I didn’t get it. I went back the next day and it was gone. It was probably from some wood shop in an old barn. So annoyed with myself.


This hook in a series of three would also look cool on the wall. I would drape some turkish towels on them. The only thing that I am hesitant about is would the inner clean tidy freak in me hate that the towels wouldn’t look orderly. I don’t know.

etsy from RubyandB

Then I saw this print from the Italian coast line. I love love love it. The shades of blue and green with the pops of coral work so well with the white walls. I am leaning in this direction if I cannot find a wooden ladder stand.

What are your thoughts?