Bohemian and Leather

Bohemian and Leather

Black maxi dress

True Religion vest
$270 –

Isabel Marant black shoes

Black handbag

Vintage style necklace

Bee Charming charm necklace



My first strands of grey popped up during a very stressful time in my life a few years ago that related to my employment. It literally happened over night. That initial strand was not lonely for long. I have a few more, but I highlight my hair, so they aren’t around for too long before my best friend bleach zaps them out.

I am kind of sick of highlighting my hair. My 10 week visits are seriously the most I do with my hair. I never blow dry it. Brush it every now and then. I am very low maintenance. I love wearing hats and that saves me almost every single day. But I have been thinking about stopping altogether, and letting the grey grow in. These ladies have me seriously considering it. They look stunning.




Women are growing grey hairs at a younger age now. Is it stress? Who knows, but if men can be called a Silver Fox, why can’t women be bestowed with the same alluring description with grey?

Just a thought.

Fall Night Out

Fall Night Out

Rails relax shirt

J Crew slim vest

Paige Denim black skinny leg jeans
$345 –

Rag & bone high heel ankle boots
$605 –

Bee Charming collar charm

Pieces circle scarve
$17 –

Johnstons of Elgin glove
$57 –



Toast zip pants
$185 –

Kurt Geiger black high heel shoes
$405 –

Clare Vivier genuine leather purse
$235 –