HomeGoods Visit

I am telling you HomeGoods can have some jewels every now and then. The one closest to me is ok. I think it has a lot of the cast offs of the better locations further out from me. I run to the closest store if I need something basic. The best location is about 30 minutes away, and when I have time, I take the drive to that one instead.


This mid-century inspired sofa was there a few weeks ago. Do you see those legs? Retail was over $3000, but the HomeGoods price was $1100. What a steal. I went there last week and it was still there. This lady was looking at it the first time I saw it and remarked to me as I was staring at it, that it would never sell in the conservative location, but in a more urban area it would sell in a minute. I totally agreed.  I like how there is more of a mix now, mid-century pieces scattered, industrial, traditional. It is becoming more representative of the informed buyer.

I cannot wait to see what they add to the mix at my next visit.




I am starting to think that I am brave enough to try to take care of a fiddle leaf tree.

I know they are extremely fussy, so they will fit right in with my tribe,

but I fear it might be over my head.

Any suggestions to keep them around for an extended life span?

Lonely Wall

The master bath has a wall that needs something on it. It is the first thing you see when you walk in and it is screaming for something.


I have no idea why this picture looks blue, but my walls are all white. Who knows……anyway, the wall needs something. I am thinking either a large frame with art work or photography or maybe even a ladder that I can hang some turkish towels on.

magnolia homes

This medal ladder has a great price point but won’t ship for 4-6 weeks. Plus, I am thinking I want a more rustic wood one. I am kicking myself because the vintage store in my town had one that was 5 feet tall a month or so ago. It was $5. Crazy. I didn’t get it. I went back the next day and it was gone. It was probably from some wood shop in an old barn. So annoyed with myself.


This hook in a series of three would also look cool on the wall. I would drape some turkish towels on them. The only thing that I am hesitant about is would the inner clean tidy freak in me hate that the towels wouldn’t look orderly. I don’t know.

etsy from RubyandB

Then I saw this print from the Italian coast line. I love love love it. The shades of blue and green with the pops of coral work so well with the white walls. I am leaning in this direction if I cannot find a wooden ladder stand.

What are your thoughts?

Let there be some new light!

Master Bath 1


Here is the custom vanity for the master bath. When I was in the design stage of the room, I wanted it very simple. Everything we need fits in the baskets and the towels fit in a deep wooden tray. I knew I wanted the faucets on the wall instead of on the vanity itself. Originally I had planned subway tile to go on that wall, but budget was tight at that point, and we used those funds elsewhere.

I have since purchased hooks to hang the Turkish towels, and have a vintage kilim in mind for the space to break up all the marble on the floor. But it is the vanity light that I hate and knew all along was a temporary and very cheap solution. I bought it on Wayfair on a heavily discounted price point. Like a trip to Starbucks was more expensive than this light. I had thought about a mid century chandiler for the middle of the space, but the door to the loo would have hit it. The space cannot accommodate sconces either. It is definitely a tricky corner space.

After a year of looking and debating, I think I found the answer.

Option 1 would be to purchase two of these and put them on the ceiling in front of the mirror. I am leaning toward this one to move the eye upward and break up all the space.  The style is very minimal- which stays true to the style of the room. And I think it would be less intensive to of than a pendant over the mirror.

Option 2 would be to purchase two of these for above the mirror. But I would have to close up the current box and put two new ones in to make sure they were an equal distance apart. I would also do it in a different finish.

What are your thoughts? I am leaning toward Option 1.

Moroccan Tile

I love looking at tile. When we were in the process of deciding what tiles we would use in this new home, I really wanted to incorporate some moroccan tile in one of the baths. I was leaning towards the master. I thought the design would be a punch of visual interest in my all white home. But my mind kept going to resale, and would a potential buyer get it. Probably not. Where we live is very conservative in interior style, almost historical, which I do not fit into that mold at all. So I went with a lot of quartzite and all marble. Can’t go wrong with that.

But these tiles were on my initial list. The first three looks were top contenders for the master bath. I just love the patterns and visual interest it creates. I even found all the suppliers. There were subtle differences in the ones that I found from these, but they were very close.




 Do you have moroccan tile in your home?