HomeGoods Visit

I am telling you HomeGoods can have some jewels every now and then. The one closest to me is ok. I think it has a lot of the cast offs of the better locations further out from me. I run to the closest store if I need something basic. The best location is about 30 minutes away, and when I have time, I take the drive to that one instead.


This mid-century inspired sofa was there a few weeks ago. Do you see those legs? Retail was over $3000, but the HomeGoods price was $1100. What a steal. I went there last week and it was still there. This lady was looking at it the first time I saw it and remarked to me as I was staring at it, that it would never sell in the conservative location, but in a more urban area it would sell in a minute. I totally agreed.  I like how there is more of a mix now, mid-century pieces scattered, industrial, traditional. It is becoming more representative of the informed buyer.

I cannot wait to see what they add to the mix at my next visit.